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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539

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Officers and NCOs

13th Cadet Battalion, The Parachute Regiment : 1951.

Old Dean Camp

Old Dean Camp, August 1950.
Back row (L to R): David Rolph, Robin Fabel, Timmons, Nigel Baines, Michael Dovner
Middle row: Brian Postlethwaite, Mayes, Thompson
Front row: Diper, Chappell.

Annual inspection

The Annual Inspection : 1958.
Ian MacRae - behind inspecting officer.

Annual inspection

The Annual Inspection : 1958.
Major Thomas - right of inspecting officer.

Annual inspection
Annual inspection

Annual Inspection : 1958. The Inspecting Officer’s report may be read in the 1958 edition of ‘Al-Fa’.

Annual inspection

Malcolm Knight, front row, bottom right.

Annual inspection
Annual inspection
Annual inspection
Annual inspection

Annual Inspection : 1958.

School open day

Parent’s Open Day : 1958.

Ian and Graham

Ian MacRae and Graham Thomas. ‘Boggy’ Bishop in the background.

Ian and Graham

Jack Holt and Ian MacRae out on field activities.

Cadet Band

The CCF Band, 1961-62. Major Thomas (far left).
Also including Brian Iredale (next to Thomas), Rodney Puttock (far right) and David Birks (kneeling second from right).


Cpl. Lamont (back row, end right), together with Cpl. Grace (the tallest in the middle row) survived a week in Thetford, Norfolk with this assortment of tough looking cadets from all over the country.
The C.C.F. provided a number of opportunities to gain qualifications in subjects such as map reading, motor transport and general proficiency. CCF Band
Assault Course
Informal Field Day photograph

Colour photographs provided by Ian MacRae, F.G.S. 1950-1958.