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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539

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Masters John Attree John Attree John Attree John Attree  
  ‘Beeb’ Barrett ‘Beeb’ Barrett ‘Beeb’ Barrett ‘Beeb’ Barrett ‘Beeb’ Barrett
  ‘Boggy’ Bishop ‘Boggy’ Bishop      
  Dr. Booy Dr. Booy Dr. Booy    
  J.A. Bourne J.A. Bourne J.A. Bourne J.A. Bourne  
  J.A. Bourne        
  ‘Beefy’ Bullock ‘Beefy’ Bullock      
  ‘Wally’ Cotgreave ‘Wally’ Cotgreave      
  ‘Eli’ Eltringham ‘Eli’ Eltringham      
  Brian Duke Brian Duke      
  ‘Nuncs’ Grosch ‘Nuncs’ Grosch ‘Nuncs’ Grosch ‘Nuncs’ Grosch  
  ‘Doc’ Naish ‘Doc’ Naish ‘Doc’ Naish    
  ‘Smiler’ Miles        
  ‘Gobo’ Mills ‘Gobo’ Mills      
‘Moggie’ Morgan
  Peter Mound        
  Richard Munro        
  B. J. Neill        
  Tom Pascoe Tom Pascoe Tom Pascoe Tom Pascoe  
  Bill Rayner        
  ‘Big Dick’ Richards        
  ‘Little Dick’ Richards ‘Little Dick’ Richards ‘Little Dick’ Richards    
  ‘Boris’ Rogers ‘Boris’ Rogers      
  Michael Sadler Michael Sadler      
  Dr. Sewell Dr. Sewell Dr. Sewell Dr. Sewell  
  ‘Mekon’ Shaw        
  ‘Smudger’ Smith ‘Smudger’ Smith ‘Smudger’ Smith    
  Norman Styles Norman Styles Norman Styles    
  ‘Tommy’ Junior ‘Tommy’ Junior ‘Tommy’ Junior    
  ‘Tommy’ Senior        
Charlie Upton Charlie Upton Charlie Upton Charlie Upton  
  Colin Wilson        
  Fat Nat Wiseman        
Prefects Caretaker Caretaker Caretaker Caretaker  
Pupils Bob Adams        
  Paul Allan        
  Ian Andrews        
  Michael Bailey        
  David Barnard        
  Jeff Barnes        
  Paul Beardmore Paul Beardmore      
  Mike Beasley Mike Beasley Mike Beasley    
  Hugh Beavin Hugh Beavin Hugh Beavin    
  David Beevis        
  Pete Benlow        
David Birks David Birks      
  Patrick Blackall        
  Ian Bonham Ian Bonham      
  Lyndon Bournon        
  David Brimelow David Brimelow David Brimelow Deceased 29 August 2012  
  Allen Brydges Allen Brydges      
  Mike Carter        
  Mike Clarke        
  Michael Cleare Michael Cleare Michael Cleare    
  Michael Clegg Michael Clegg      
  Nick Clements Nick Clements      
  Denley Cole        
  Geoff Cook Geoff Cook Geoff Cook    
  John Cook        
  Paul Cooper        
  Christopher Cornwell        
  Brian Cowling Brian Cowling      
  Robert Croucher Robert Croucher Robert Croucher    
  John Curtis        
  Roy Daniel        
  C. Darling        
  George Eynon        
  Robin Fabel        
  Tim Feest        
  Tony Feest        
  Neil Finklaire        
  Trevor Finklaire        
  Anthony Fish Anthony Fish      
  ‘Tom’ Forrest        
  John Fouracre John Fouracre      
  Philip Fouracre Philip Fouracre Philip Fouracre    
  George Frampton        
  Terry Friesegreen        
  Lindsay Frost        
  Tim Fry        
  Robert Gouldstone        
  Richard Hadland        
  Chris Haines        
  Terry Bridgeman        
  Terry Hamblin Terry Hamblin Deceased Jan. 2012    
  Robin Hamilton        
  Barry Harris        
  Russell Harvey Deceased June 2011      
  Raymond Hazzard Deceased November 2009      
  Bernard Herridge Deceased late 1960s      
  Bernard Hertlein        
  Chris Hicks Chris Hicks      
  Raymond Hopkin        
  David Hughes        
  Jacko Jackson Jacko Jackson      
Barry James Barry James Barry James
  Chris Jenner        
  Ian Johnson Ian Johnson      
  David Jones        
  ‘Jenks’ Jenkins        
  Peter Killick        
  Malcolm Knight Malcolm Knight      
  Paul Lamont Paul Lamont      
  Alan Lathan        
  Andrew Leishman        
  Mervyn Lemon        
  Richard Letford Richard Letford Richard Letford Richard Letford  
  Richard Letford Deceased February 2016      
  Dave Luther        
  John Machin John Machin      
  Michael Mackey Michael Mackey Michael Mackey Deceased 1963  
  Ian MacRae Ian MacRae      
  Bruce Main-Smith        
  Günter Mangler        
  Gerald Marchment        
  Jim Matthews        
  Ian McFarling        
  Peter Merrett        
  Paul Mower        
  David Mudge        
  Bob Nockolds        
  Peter Noll        
  Roger North        
  Ian Over Ian Over      
  Nigel Packer Nigel Packer      
  Alan Parkes        
  William Pink        
  Mike Penrith        
  David Pollard David Pollard David Pollard Deceased May 2015  
  David Postlethwaite        
  Kevin Press Kevin Press Kevin Press    
  Lindsey Pratt Lindsey Pratt Lindsey Pratt Lindsey Pratt  
Phil Rawling
Mark Rayne
  Peter Reeds        
  Steve Reeds        
  Glyn Roberts        
  Stephen Roberts        
  Jeremy Rudge        
  Rumble twins Rumble twins      
  Richard Scutter        
  John Sherwin John Sherwin      
  Ekkehard Schirrmacher Ekkehard Schirrmacher      
Brian ‘Otis’ Simms Brian ‘Otis’ Simms
  P. Sheail        
  Alan Shoulders        
  Leslie Smith        
  Roger Smith        
  Richard Springate Richard Springate      
  Andrew Stevens Andrew Stevens      
  Christopher St. John        
  Derek Strange        
  Clive Strutt Clive Strutt      
  Terry Sullivan Deceased 1965      
  A. R. Tatlow        
  Brian Taylor        
David Taylor
  Anthony Tebbutt Anthony Tebbutt Anthony Tebbutt;    
  Robert Tebbutt Robert Tebbutt      
  David Thelland        
  Geoff Theakson        
  Stephen Timms        
  John Treble John Treble John Treble    
  Tony Waller        
  David Walters        
  Digory Warren Digory Warren      
Herbert Webb
  Michael Webb Michael Webb      
  Mike Webb        
  Graham Wickham Graham Wickham      
  Colin Widdison        
  Terry Williams        
  Brian Willoughby        
  John Winterbourne John Winterbourne      
  Jock Young Deceased November 2013      
A.C.H.S ’girls' Mary Mullins Mary Mullins      
School Trips Brecon Norway      
  Portsmouth Switzerland      
21st Anniversary The Aldershot News        
Sports Days          
Cadet Force Cadet Force Cadet Force      
Football 1936 Football 1953 Football 1959 Football 1960 Football 1963  
School buses          
Cove Junior          

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