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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539

Last Day Groups - 1961

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July 1961, the very last day at school - for most of us shown here anyway.
Photos taken in the then new physics laboratory block to the east of the main school building.

July 1961

Left to Right
Terry Hamblin, (d. 8.1.2012) - Michael Mackey, (d. 1963) - John Fouracre - (white shirt) - Lindsey Pratt, (in blue) - Jewitt, (back row) - M.K. Francis, (back row) - Jeff Barnes, (white shirt, front middle) - Kevin Press, (back row) - Richard Springate, (in maroon, middle) - Allen Brydges, (red, front) - Unknown - (in white - back row) - David Brimelow, (in white, rear. d. 29.8.2012 ) - Ekkehard Schirrmacher, (in brown, front row) - Nigel Packer, (back row) - Ian Andrew, (front row)

July 1961

Left to Right
Michael Mackey - Ekkehard Schirrmacher - Kevin Press - John Fouracre

July 1961

Much the same names as above.

July 1960

Back Left to Front Right
Ian Andrew, Michael Cleare, John Fouracre, Francis,
Alan Parkes, Ian Goode, Malin, Diamond, Allen Brydges, Franklin, Pete Renouf, Jewitt, Malcolm Knight, Neville, Darling, Markie,
Ian Johnson, Kevin Press, Otis Simms, Ekkehard Schirrmacher, Michael Mackey, Anthony Tebbutt.

Photograph above kindly supplied by John Fouracre. Thanks to John and Terry Hamblin for putting names to some of the faces on this page.

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