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The Dramatic Society 

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The school dramatic society put on one or two stage shows each year. In later years the girls of Aldershot County High School also played a part. Latin master, Thomas Grosch (Nuncs) records in his autobiography that when he first arrived at F.G.S. in September 1943, stage productions were limited to Christmas cabarets (“duly censored”) but he was keen to produce plays on the school stage. However war time shortages of materials caused difficulties and the first proper drama was not staged until circa 1947. It was ‘The Ghost Train’ by Arnold Ridley for which Tom Pascoe constructed the set and Nuncs spent a day at Cosham railway station recording train noises. Every part was taken by a grammar school boy including the role of “A bride on honeymoon”. Following productions included ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Emile’.

In 1950 ‘The Jab’ arrived as the new headmaster and promptly abolished the fledging Dramatic Society, allegedly because he took an immediate dislike to Nuncs, and it was not resurrected until Dr. Booy arrived in 1957.

Productions during that later period were…

A Fool and his MoneyBourgeois GentlemanThe Government Inspector
1957 : A Fool and his Money 1957 : The Bourgeois Gentleman 1958 : The Government Inspector
Someone at the DoorToad of Toad HallTwelfth Night
1959 : Someone at the Door 1960 : Toad of Toad Hall 1961 : Twelfth Night
Tom SawyerTrial by JuryA Man for all Season
1962 : Tom Sawyer.
1962 : Trial by Jury.
1963 : A Man for all Seasons - Programme
Noyes FluddeShe Stoops to ConquerReluctant Doctor
1964 : Noye’s Fludde 1964 : She Stoops to Conquer 1965 : The Reluctant Doctor.
Noyes FluddeHobsons ChoiceThe Crucible
1965 : The Browning Version.
1966 : Hobson’s Choice 1968 : The Crucible

Dramatic Society reports also appeared in School Magazines as follows…
(Chronological sequence)

The Government Inspector
Someone at the Door
Toad of Toad Hall
Twelfth Night and Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer and Trial by Jury
A Man for all Season and Noye’s Fludde
She Stoops to Conquer (Aldershot News Report)
The Reluctant Doctor and The Browning Version
The Crucible