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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539

Foreign Exchange Exchange Visits - 1955 to 1963

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Exchange visits were arranged with schools whereby boys from F.G.S. and pupils from overseas lived in each others houses to improve their language skills and learn something of each others cultures. Fortunately photographs and diaries have survived and a selection are available below. (Click image to see more.)

Other trips took boys to Italy (1961), Montreux and Spain (1962), France (1963), Switzerland (1963), Italy (1963) and Scandinavia (1963) and these are noted in school magazines. (Alpha.)

Basel 1955

Basel : Summer 1955

Ian MacRae (Upper V Arts)
E. Marriott (Upper V Science)
P. Sylvester (Lower VI Arts)
M. Young (Lower VI Arts)
Photographs by Ian MacRae

Switzerland 1960

Switzerland : 1960

Roger North
Clive Strutt
David Pollard
Photographs and diary by Clive Strutt

Switzerland 1960

Switzerland : 1960

Photographs by Richard Scutter


Italy : 1960

Photographs and diary by Clive Strutt
Poem about the train journey home

Montreux 1962

Montreux : 1962

Michael Sadler (third from left).
Mr. & Mrs. Mills (couple on right).
See report in Al-Fa.
Photograph by Mike Webb

France 1963

France : 1963

(and ‘exchange’ in UK in 1964)
Photographs by John Machin

Lugano 1963

Lugano : 1963

With girls from Aldershot County High School

Lugano 1963

Lugano : 1963

Philip Lathan (Second from left)
Click image for a PDF presentation prepared by Mary Mullin.
(Includes F.G.S. boys)

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