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Trevor Finklaire (Memories) - 1963 to 1971

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I have just had your website brought to my attention by an old school friend. What a great site! I was a student at FGS from 1963 to 1971. My eldest brother Neil was also at FGS. He went on to study medicine at St. Thomas’s and later became a surgeon at Nottingham but was sadly killed in a mountaineering accident in Switzerland in 1977.

Having been a Junior Under Officer with good old Major Thomas (the PT teacher and commandant of the CCF) I went on to Sandhurst and spent 27 years in the Army serving in our county regiment, the Royal Hampshires. I was one of a group of boys who sang in the Crookham church choir where Nuncs was the organist. There was also a group of us who kept our canoes in his back garden as his house was close to the Basingstoke Canal.

I left the Army in 2000 and migrated to Australia. I now live in Canberra. I still have my old FGS school tie but that is about it! Great site – thank you

Trevor Finklaire MBE : April 2012