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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539

Staff List and Nick Names

From an idea by Colin Widdison. F.G.S. 1949-1956

Alan McGowan has his own more comprehensive list of staff names including more Years than are currently included below. 

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Last Name First Name Nickname Years Subject(s)
Ager   Denny 1958-1964 French
Armsworth Jack Jack Frost 1920-1965 Caretaker, A.C.H.S. and F.G.S.
Attree John Fred
Atrode (after 1961)
1955- Geography
Barrett Isidor Fritz
1946-1957 Music, German
Bishop W.C. Boggy 1936- History, Football
Booy Derek Miles Billy Boy 1955- English
Borman       Mathematics
Bourne John Bubba
The Jab
The Prod
The Prick
1950- Head, PPE
Bradley Andrew Bob 1964-1968 Mathematics
Bullock   Beefy   Mathematics, Applied Mathematics
Bunting John (?) Ernie   German, Russian, Mandarin
Burroughs (Mrs.)     1958- Headmaster’s Secretary
Cole       French
Cooper Thomas Gary 1947-1955 General Science
Cotgrieve Walter Walt
Mid 1960s
Cutts Eric (?) Herr (Hair) 1966- German
Dyer Roy Roy   Physics
Eltringham   Eli
Eltrode (after 1961)
Duke Brian     History, Mathematics
Eversfield   Cake   History, Latin
Fewkes James   1962-1968 Mathematics
Fletcher-Thomas   Flash   English, Mathematics
Foreman       Mathematics
Foster Edward Fossil
1936- Art
Glasgow Alan Chim
From smoked like a chimney
Grosch Thomas Uncle George
1943-1965 Latin, English
Religious Knowledge
Herod John     Physics
Holley   Buddy   Religious Knowledge
James   Jimmy   English, Careers Advice
Jenner (Mrs.) B.A.   1964-1969 approx. Lab. Assistant - Physics
Jones   Jonah   Biology, Geography
Jowett Basil      
Keyes Alan Killer   English, Organised Games
Lees   Fleas   German
Lickfold       Music
Mansfield K Masher   Organised Games
Maunder   Charlie Maunder 1940s Chemistry
Meirion-Jones   Mary
Merry & Bright
1960s Mathematics
Miles J.C. Smiler   English, French
Mills   Gobo   Applied Mathematics
Mitchell   Scarface   Geography
Morgan   Moggie   Mathematics
Mound Peter     Music
Naish   Doc   Librarian, English, Scholar
Neill B.J.   1936-1949 Headmaster
North   Gerry
Buddy Holly
From style of spectacles worn
Owen   Taffy   Music, German
Pascoe Thomas Tom   Woodwork
Rayner William Bill Rayner   Mathematics
Rees Dai     Mathematics
Richards   Dicky Sr.
Big Dick
  Geography, and bring-your-own-lunch room
Richards   Dicky Jr.
Little Dick
  English , Religious Knowledge
Rodgers   Boris
His cane was called Horace
Rowland Gilbert    
Sadler Mike Tosh   French
Sewell       English
Smith Reginald Reggie   Physics
Spence Basil     History
Stallybrass (Mrs.)       Chemistry Lab. Assistant
Stockley       Geography, Organised Games
Stoker       Physical Training
Styles Norman     English
Sweet   Charlie Sweet   English, French
Thomas Brinley Tommy Sr.   Latin, Acting Head (in 1949 prior to Jab)
Thomas Joseph Tommy Jr.
Jo Thomas
Physical Training
Cadets Force
Upton   Charlie Upton   French
Voller   Johnny   English
Wilson Colin Bruiser 1957-1976 (6th Form College) Physics
Wiseman Nathaniel Fat Nat - Fatty    

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