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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539

Bruce Main-Smith (Memories)

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Born in 1929, I was a pupil of F.G.S. from its opening day when we lived at Sunnyside (and then Kyle in Pierrefondes Avenue) which still stands on the island just south of Bradford’s Garage.

I later went to Farnham Boys’ Grammar School during WW2 as an out-of-County pupil along with many other Hampshire lads, it cost 50 bob a term.

In those pre-war days the passenger-carrying miniature railway that went (then) from Attwood’s Dairy (next door to F.G.S.) to Blackwater had its locos built and maintained by a Mr. Smith in Prospect Avenue, the track to his house on the south side went across the sports field of F.G.S. The Farnborough end was later resited at Farnborough Car Auctions.

I remember little of my schooldays, only one fellow classmate called Spinks. My father was a Principal Scientific Officer at the R.A.E.

Bruce at Sunnyside

Bruce at ‘Sunnyside’, Farnborough Road (at the junction with Prospect Avenue) probably in 1936 when he was aged six or seven.

Bruce Main-Smith : July 2010

I asked Bruce if he could expand on his description of the miniature railway and he replied with this most interesting letter.

Malcolm Knight

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