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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539
School Reports 

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John Machin thought it would be amusing to expose his school reports to the world. He is very brave, mine often failed to even make it home, an abuse that eventually led to them being posted to home addresses. Whilst my reports were not appallingly bad, I eventually managed nine ‘O’ levels over two years, I really didn’t like the inquisition they provoked at home and when I moved to a new house in 1969 I unceremoniously burned the lot in the back garden.
The images below link to readable copies.
Form 1UForm 2 GForm 3 CForm 4CForm 5 B
Form 1U - 1961 Form 2G : 1962 Form 3C : 1963 Form 4C : 1964 Form 5B : 1965

Russell Harvey has an even more extensive set of school reports.
Form 1U Form 2 G Form 3 C Form 4C Form 5 B
Autumn - 1958 Spring 1959 Summer 1959 Christmas 1959 Easter 1960
Form 1U Form 2 G Form 3 C Form 4C Form 5 B
Summer 1960 Spring 1961 Summer 1961 Spring 1962 Summer 1962
Form 1U Form 2 G Form 3 C Form 4C Form 5 B
Spring 1963 Summer 1963 Spring 1964 Summer 1964 Spring 1965
Form 1U Form 2 G Form 3 C Form 4C
Summer 1965 Spring 1966 Summer 1966 Summer 1967

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