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David Brimelow - Obituary by Malcolm Knight

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David Brimelow (17 September 1942 - 29 August 2012) has sadly died of a malignant mesothelioma at his home in Milngavie, Glasgow. He leaves a wife, Susan and daughter Hazel.

We were in the same class at FGS and David was more than a year older than me but we became close primarily because of a shared interest in photography. I made an enlarger from plywood, a dried milk tin and an old bellows camera found in a junk shop in Aldershot. We would sometimes use it together. Even after my family moved to Fleet he would cycle over from his home near the Clockhouse in Farnborough.

David must have also taken an early interest in cars because he once persuaded me to accompany him to London to see the Motor Show at Earl’s Court where we took more photographs.

Maybe his interest in things mechanical continued into adult life because he became a Mechanical Engineer and worked for Babcock Power. Unfortunately this led to exposure to asbestos in power stations which almost certainly led to his death more than 30 years later.

Malcolm Knight : November 2012

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