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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539
Magazine of Original Work - 1965 

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In 1964 ‘Al-Fa’ and ‘Beta’ were abandoned in favour of the rather formal ‘Annual Report’ and the poems and stories that traditionally appeared at the end of the older magazines were given a new home in another imaginatively titled booklet.
Supplied by Mike Webb.
Original Work - 1965 : Front Cover Page No.
2 - Poems by G.G. Dodd
3 - Poems by H.J. McDermott
4 - Linocut, ‘Journey in the Snow’ by A.G. Street
6 - Poems by G.L. O’Neill
7 - Linocut, ‘Rats in the Barn’ by C. Hayes
7 - Linocut, ‘The Fish’ by R. Hemmings
8 - Poems by R.N. Ruffle and P.F. Benlow
9 - Linocut, ‘The Guitarist’ by R. Skinner
10 - Poem by A. Winchcombe
11 - Sonnet by John L. McIvor
11 - Poems by T.G. Gaden
12 - Poems by P.D. Killick
13 - Poems by J. Machin and P.J. Cornwell
14 - Poems by P.D. Roberts, M. Wilson and M. Bennett
15 - Poems by P.A. Mercer and J. Mower
15 - Story by R. Molyneux
17 - Poems by G. Ward and J. Bodnar
Page No.
18 - Poems by N. Price, N.E. Payne and C. Cranham
19 - Poems by P. Martin and A. J. Speed
20 - Linocut ‘On Guard’ by C. Atkins
20 - Linocut ‘A Greedy Fish’ by M. Kelly
21 - Poem by S.G.K. Lamen
22 - Linocut, ‘The Squirrel’ by D. J. Earl
23 - Poem by A. Baird
24 - Stories by R. Molyneux and N.H. Everett
25 - Linocut, ‘The Sailing Boat’ by S. Mackrell
26 - Story by A.R.G. Clayson
27 - Story by S. Winterbottom
28 - Poem by G. Willis

Further Illustrations
1 by N. Birch 2 (upper illustration) by R.J. Harvey
2 (lower illustration) author uncertain
3 by N. Birch 4 by M. Goode
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