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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539
Italy - August 1961
Photographs by Clive Strutt
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On the train at Calais. Next to the camera user (Urwin) is Terence Nichol. The teacher is Derek Miles Booy.
Anzio Beach.
Derek Miles Booy behind the deckchair, to Booy’s left is Clive Strutt in straw hat and sunglasses and behind both in the back row also in straw hat and glasses is Peter Reeds, brother of Stephen.
Roman farrier and blacksmith.
Tanya Archer and friend on the steps of the Temple of Vesta.
Terry Nichol at Pisa.
Filming ‘Di Oro di Roma’ starring Maria Carrena.

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