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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539
Pupils (Miscellaneous), 1957-1960 

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Photos taken Out of school.
April 1960A playful classroom riotCharlie Upton and form 1U
Classroom group from 1960 by permission of John Ghey. Among those present are:-
Pedley, Raynor, Dougherty, Ashley, Revell, Roberts, Smith, MacRory, Butler, Gamble, Redmill, Cooke, Farley, Tebbutt, Vincent, Melville, Ghey, Tomalin, Eckles, Waller, Wright, Hammond, Barker, Waterer, Parkes, Neuman, Savage, Grace, Jones.
A playful riot found in John Fouracre’s collection of old photographs. John describes it thus - “Hadlow strangling Schirrmacher closely watched by Mick Cleare and Anthony Fish. Kevin Press about to brain me with a chair. John(?) Jewitt, as always, leaning on the back wall reading a book and Dickie Letford, looking more and more like Elvis Presley, the only one interested in the camera!” ‘Charlie’ Upton’s 1st year form 1U, 1958. Among those present are John Treble, Peter Phillips, Mike Hughes, Alan Mowat, Chris Cann, McIvor, C.R. Hughes, Digory Warren, Andrew Pearce, Shepherd, David Allen, Bob Phillips and French Master, L.K. Upton.
See larger version for more identification detail.
Photo by permission of John Treble.
The Upper Sixth (Arts) of 1957The Upper Sixth (Arts) of 1957The Upper Sixth (Arts) of 1957
Gilbert, Patrick Sheehan and Young relax on the school playing field after taking their GCE A-Level examinations. The Upper Sixth (Arts) form members of 1957.
The Upper Sixth (Arts) of 1958The Upper Sixth (Arts) of 1958The Upper Sixth (Arts) of 1958
The Upper Sixth (Arts) form members of 1958.

Photographs provided by Ian MacRae, F.G.S. 1950-1958 except where otherwise stated.
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