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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539

In the News - March 1955 

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This yellowing clip from the Aldershot News was preserved by my mother. The reverse includes advertisements for forthcoming local events which indicate a date of March 1955, thereby explaining the very young looking faces of my form mates, we were first formers. Advertisements for houses in Aldershot at £1,750 are further proof of the age of this cutting. Whilst the price of houses may be low one wonders how they were afforded by those who found employment via the job advertisements. Two shillings an hour! (Note by Malcolm Knight.)

Aldershot News photo of F.G.S. v A.C.H.S competition
Click image for a larger version
“Pupils of Farnborough Grammar School were there to see ‘fair play’ when the school road safety team met a team from Aldershot County High School in a road safety competition on Friday.” The Friday explains the Cadet Force uniforms of course.

Among the faces I recognise, other than my own in the second row, are Lindsey Pratt, Lynn Caple, Michael Clegg, Rodney Connor, Ekkehard Schirrmacher and standing at the back, Tom Pascoe. Take a look at the larger version and see if you agree.

The road safety officer who organised events such as these was Mrs. Elsie Bailey and more of her efforts to preserve our young lives may be read in more cuttings taken from the Aldershot News.
Cutting 1. Cutting 2.