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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539

1st Cove Cubs (St. John’s Church Hall) : 1953 - 1956

Paul Lamont’s scouting badges

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St. John's Church Cubs

At back row second left is John Fouracre. On the far right, John Smallbones.
Front row from left to right, Brian Golding, unidentified, Robert Yeomans and little Johnnie Surtees.

Except for John Smallbones who came from (or close to) Pyestock Estate, this is almost a Cripley Road pack. I well remember the weekly meetings in St. John’s Church Hall with akela Mrs. Gilbert and the monthly Church Parade where someone would be singled out to carry the flag on a pole twice the carrier’s height as we marched along St. John’s Road from hall to church.

We were allowed to carry knives for carving wood and were made to pass tests. I can still tell a reef knot from a grannie but maybe I wouldn’t pass the memory test any more. I was given a ten item shopping list, a minute to memorise it, then run from the Church Hall, to the Plough and Horses pub, along Fleet Road to the railway bridge, up Fernhill Road past Cove Junior School as far as Mr. Malekin’s shop. Back along St. John’s Road, past the Secondary Modern School and Minley Estate. Across the busy Minley Road, past the Church and back to the hall. I passed the test and survived being by myself on a wet and dark night.

Photograph from Philip Fouracre, recollections by Philip Fouracre and Malcolm Knight.

St. John's Church Cubs class="x"

The above photograph taken 1954 and submitted by Paul Lamont, front row centre (Keith Strange to his left).
Middle row (L-R) : Hoskin, John Sherwin, unidentified, Brian Golding, unidentified, Michael Honeywell, unidentified.
Akela back centre with Balou and Bagheera.

St. John's Church Cubs

The cubs at Whipsnade Zoo. John Fouracre and John Sherwin with Baloo in the back row.
Front, Chris Hazell and Akela’s daughter, Ian McDonald and unidentified.
Photograph from Philip Fouracre.

St. John's Church Cubs

Photograph taken 1956 or 1957. Submitted by Paul Lamont.

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