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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539
Cove Junior School - Memories 

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Best wishes from Grigg

Best wishes. H.W. Grigg

Best wishes from May

Best wishes. A.G. May

Best wishes from Goddard

With all good wishes for your future happiness & success. E. Goddard

Best wishes from Evans

With very best wishes. D.W. Evans

From Mary Mullins (1955 - 1960)

I went to Cove County Junior and liked and respected all of my teachers - Miss Hankins, Mr. Evans, Miss Goddard (MLV) and Mr. Grigg the headmaster. I did get ‘sent to Mr. Grigg’ once but he was fair in his punishment, and my Mum says he was a good headmaster.

I remember the coloured plastic plates that we had at school lunch in CCJ. If we had the same colour plate as Michael Anderson we had to try to kiss him by the toilet block when we went out to play! I was a water monitor and used to go to the caretaker’s room across the playground to collect buckets of water to fill jam jars for painting lessons. When we left school we all vied for Mr. May’s autograph. He did a thumb print and made it into all sorts of animals. I got a fish!

All the signatures on  the left were written in Mary’s autograph book when she left Cove Junior in 1960. I too was ‘sent to Mr. Grigg’ on one occasion along with about four other boys for reasons long forgotten. We were lined up with our hands outstretched while Grigg flexed his cane. At the time I suffered severely from eczema on my hands and there was no effective treatment so my fingers were often bandaged and blood stained. Grigg took one look at the bloody mess, hesitated, and without giving a clue as to his reasoning, we were all dismissed with scarcely a word. A tyrant with a heart perhaps?

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