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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539

The Teaching Staff - 1968

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Farnborough Grammar School Masters

Rear Left to Front Right
Bullock, Fale, Pallister, Gilbert Rowland, Wheeler, Gerry North, Francis, unidentified, Wright, Jim Fewkes, Ernie Bunting, Dai Rees, Norman Styles, Alan Billington, Herrod, K. Mansfield, Smith, Jim Paine.
Wickham, Gordon Wrigley, Michael Sadler, Eric Cutts, unidentified, Peter Mound, Alan Glasgow, Williams, Andrew Bradley, R.B. Eltringham, Nathaniel Wiseman, Roy Dyer, Colley, Brian Duke, unidentified, Holley.
John Attree, Derek Miles-Booy, Mrs. Joan Palmer, Jones, Joseph Thomas, Wallace Cotgreave, J.A. Bourne, W.C. Bishop, Thomas Pascoe, Mrs. Irene Mowat, Colin Wilson, L.K. Upton, Edward Foster.

Identifications by David Arnott, Paul Cooper, John Galley, Peter Henham, Alan McGowan and Chris Jenner.
Photograph taken by Paul Cooper.

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