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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539


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Since this site first went on line in March 2002 a number of ‘old boys’ have contacted me offering extra information and corrections. These are always most welcome. I wish therefore to specially acknowledge the assistance offered by Paul Beardmore, David Beevis, Mike Carter, Geoff Cook, John Cook, Brian Cowling, Trevor Durbidge, Tim and Tony Feest, John and Phil Fouracre, Tim Fry, Chris Haines, Terry Hamblin, Russell Harvey, Chris Jenner, Paul Lamont, Andrew Leishman, Mervyn Lemon, John Machin, Ian Macrae, Mary Mullins, Mark Rayne, Steve Reeds, Richard Scutter, Leslie Smith, Clive Strutt, Bob Tebbutt, John Treble, Mike Webb, Mike Websell and John Winterbourne They have provided their own recollections, photographs and documents to be shared among us all.

Sample contributions are linked from the names above, in most cases there are more elsewhere, see ‘People Finder’.