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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539

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There is an increasing number of requests from contributors and visitors to this site to be put in touch with other contributors. As it isn’t sensible to give out personal details on demand, arranging the email ‘reunions’ involves sending out requests for permission to divulge the details and it can involve a few days wait. I don’t mind doing the necessary work, it can be quite interesting to watch developments, but I have considered how the process could be automated to reduce delays without compromising security.

It is a simple matter to allocate email addresses on the f-g-s.co.uk mail server and it can be set to forward a message to any other address. In that way there would be no need to hold email addresses within this website, which is potentially hackable by automated systems harvesting addresses for malicious purposes (though my address has never been hacked in the nine years it has been available on the Home page).

I think the process would be totally secure but maybe not everyone would agree. It would mean that anyone reading this page could contact anyone listed on it and it is difficult to decide whether it should be an opt-in arrangement or an opt-out. However several of the contributors here have indicated a willingness to have their email addresses held by a third party by leaving them at Friends Reunited which also has an automated secure emailing system, so to give this list a kick-start I have listed below the contributors to this site who can be contacted via Friends Reunited. So at present the system does nothing that you can’t do at F.R. but I have email addresses for 69 site visitors so there is the potential for expansion; most of them are not listed by Friends Reunited.

If you would like your name to be added to or removed from this list please let me know, but meanwhile those listed here can be contacted via first name last name @f-g-s.co.uk with the bit preceding the @ as a single lowercase word with no spaces, hyphens or dots but otherwise exactly as listed below; i.e. no nicknames either. (Due to the activity of a single spammer the email addresses are no longer as described here and require an ‘unlock code’ provided on request via the contact address on the Home page.)

If your name appears here, please test it by sending a message to yourself to see where the email routes to. It will go to your last known address but if that isn’t what you want please say, it takes all of five seconds to change the f-g-s routing.

I rather doubt that anyone will decide this page is the easiest way to annoy ex-F.G.S. boys when it is more easily done via Friends Reunited, but just to be sure, I have decided it would be wise to collect statistics on the use of this facility just as F.R. does. Both sending and receiving addresses will be logged. Individual addresses can be removed from the logging process now if the potential recipient would prefer it. I am optimistic that there will be no abuse and all logging can be abandoned soon.

Individuals who have specifically indicated their willingness to appear here and who may not be listed at Friends Reunited are suffixed with an asterisk. It is not part of the email address!

Malcolm Knight
August 2010

Surnames A-K Surnames L-Z
Lyndon Bournon * - address known to be good, August 2010
Colin Dodd * - address known to be good, March 2011
John Fouracre - address known to be good, March 2011
Philip Fouracre - address known to be good, July 2010
Timothy Fry * - address known to be good, August 2010
Malcolm Knight * - address known to be good
Paul Lamont - address known to be good, August 2010
Andrew Leishman - address known to be good, December 2009
Mervyn Lemon - address known to be good, December 2006
John Machin - address known to be good, February 2010
Alan Mowat * - address known to be good, September 2010
Lindsey Pratt - address known to be good, December 2009
Mark Rayne - address known to be good, July 2008
Alan Shoulders - address known to be good, August 2010
Robert Tebbutt - address known to be good, August 2010
David Thelland * - address known to be good, March 2011
John Treble - address known to be good, August 2010
Mike Webb - address known to be good, August 2010