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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539
General Certificate of Education 

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Paul Lamont and Russell Harvey have kindly supplied these certificates for publication. Correspondence with other ‘old boys’ suggests that they either never collected the certificates in the first place or were never asked to present them anywhere and like my own, can no longer be found.

Paul comments…

“Boringly I have preserved mine in top quality polythene folders but interestingly they show the transition from the individually typed posh certificate SUMMER 1962 to computer generated and printed, JANUARY 1963. They were printed on that miles long computer paper and I can see the perforations top and bottom. La Raison d’être of F.G.S being to produce successful G.C.E pupils was so successful it caused this implementation of the computerised certificates in 1963, peut-être?”

Paul Lamont’s Certificates
GCE O Level Summer 1962GCE O Level January 1963GCE O Level Summer 1963GCE O Level Summer 1964
Summer 1962 January 1963 Summer 1963 Summer 1964
Russell Harvey’s Certificates
GCE O Level Summer 1963GCE O Level January 1963GCE A Level Summer 1963GCE A Level Summer 1964
Summer 1963 Summer 1964 Summer 1965 Summer 1966
The images link to readable copies.

The certificates also show the introduction of the grade system. In earlier years, if what I remember of the J.A.B.’s explanation is correct, is that the headmaster was given a list of the percentage marks obtained which was supposed to be confidential. However the J.A.B. showed a rebellious streak and released the numbers to anyone interested. I can still remember most of mine. The pass mark varied from year to year. It was 47% for my first exams and 45% for later ones.

Malcolm Knight, July 2010

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